PROTOS | ΠΡΩΤΟΣ* refers to NUMBER and its relationship with man and his environment.
Through the universality of its mathematical language, it crosses territorial, cultural and conceptual boundaries.
Ephemeral and at the same time infinite, this in-situ installation expresses the notion of a continuous renewal in time and in the space traversed.
Inspired by the Greek crisis, the work was created in 2013 in the Cyclades, alluding to the omnipresence of numbers in the country’s media space. Since then, it has travelled through countries and cities in Europe where it continues to find its meaning.
The work records the sequence of Prime Numbers, which to this day includes 24,862,048 numbers. In this systematic inscription, numbers lose their arithmetic value and acquire an abstract, irrational dimension. The three constituent parameters of the work, numbering, space and time, are constantly renewed in parallel. Thus, a new and unique work appears with each inscription fragment.

*A prime number is a natural number that allows only two distinct (and positive) integer divisors. To date, the sequence has 23,249,425 numbers

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*Un nombre premier est un entier naturel qui admet exactement deux diviseurs distincts entiers et positifs.

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